Caretaker’s Guide:The Ultimate 4-Part Blueprint to Moving & Estate Management

Part 1: Categories to Think Through

1. Initial Assessment & Decluttering:

Evaluate the home’s current state, identifying decluttering and removal needs. Begin sorting through belongings, focusing on key areas first.

2. Family Communication & Coordination

Engage in open discussions about wishes and sentimental items. Locate, organize, and secure important documents like wills and financial records.Ensure family members are aligned and responsibilities are shared to reduce stress.

3. Document Organization:

Locate and organize important documents, including wills, financial records, and insurance policies. Make sure you have access to essential information such as passwords and account details.

4. Valuables, Sentimental Items, & Donation Planning:

List valuable items and family heirlooms for preservation or distribution. Research local donation options for items to be given away.

5. Property Preparation & Downsizing Decisions:

Assess home repair and maintenance needs. Collaboratively decide which items to keep, sell, donate, or discard, considering the new living space.

6. Professional Appraisals & Financial Planning:

Arrange appraisals for valuable items as needed. Consult a financial advisor for estate planning and tax implications.

7. Emotional Support:

Recognize that this process can be emotionally challenging for both you and your loved ones.Seek support from friends, family, or counseling services if needed.

8. Utility Management:

Manage utility account closures or transfers to the new owner/occupant.

9. Celebrate Memories:

Take time to reminisce and celebrate the home’s memories, fostering a positive transition environment.

10. Contact Bros. Pro Hauling:

For a stress-free removal process, reach out to Bros. Pro Hauling for personalized service that respects your family’s needs and timeline.

8-12 Weeks Before Move

– Determine the best moving approach: full-service movers, or DIY, and rent a truck or container accordingly.

– Set aside all important & essential documents in a designated folder/box for safekeeping.

– Begin decluttering and purging items from your parent’s current home.

– List high-value items for sale online.

– Designate a box for donations (see local donation centers on the next page).

– Call Bros. Pro Hauling at 727-379-7532 for junk removal to prepare the home for sale or move.

– Seek referrals for doctors, vets, and any necessary healthcare providers in your future city (if applicable).

– Plan your travel or book transportation for the move, such as airfare or accommodations for a road trip (if applicable).

6 Weeks Before Move

– Contact doctors and pharmacies to transfer medical records and prescriptions or schedule final appointments (if applicable)

– Gather packing supplies, including boxes of various sizes (purchase or find free ones), packing tape, plastic wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, mattress bags, bins, and labels.

4 Weeks Before Move

– Schedule future date cancellations/setups for utilities and services, including gas, electric, cable, internet, home phone, water, insurance, bank accounts, gym, and home services.

– Update/submit change of address forms with USPS, newspapers, magazines, credit card companies, mobile phone provider, bank, rewards programs, and healthcare providers.

– Begin packing non-essential items, such as off-season clothing, home decor, unneeded appliances, and sentimental keepsakes.

– Measure large furniture pieces to ensure they’ll fit in the new home (if applicable).

– Label and categorize each box by room or category.

– Maintain an inventory list of the number of boxes for each room.

2 Weeks Before Move

– Confirm your moving plan, whether it’s with professional movers or a DIY approach.

– Have rugs and carpets cleaned and ready for packing.

– Assemble a basic tool bag for easy access.

– Clear out spaces like the garage, attic, basement, or shed.

– Drop off items for donation at local centers (see the next page for details).

– Call Bros. Pro Hauling at 727-379-7532 if you have additional items to remove.

1 Week Before Move

– Complete packing of non-essential items, including clothing, books, toys, etc.

– Arrange for key exchange – both passing on old keys and obtaining new ones for the new place (if applicable)

– Empty the pantry and fridge of unneeded items.

– Pack an “ESSENTIALS” bag or suitcase with daily essentials that you’ll keep with you during the move, including medications, toiletries, pet essentials, snacks, important documents, and more.

1-2 Days Before Move

– Confirm all timings with movers or those helping with the move.

– Disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart.

– Remove shelving/fixtures that will be relocated (if applicable).

– Empty the fridge and unplug appliances.

– Add any missing items to your “ESSENTIALS” bag, such as medications, clothing, chargers, electronics, and more.

Moving Day

– Start the day with a good breakfast.

– Oversee the loading process or coordinate with movers.

– Bid farewell to the old home and take a photo for memories.

– Ensure you have your “ESSENTIALS” bag with you for a smooth transition.

Local Estate Liquidation & Sale Companies

*Please note we are not associated with these organizations but seek to provide a resource to connect you to our local community and the needs they serve through donated items. We advise you call ahead and check business hours for donation drop off coordination.

– Pinellas County
-Kennedy Brothers Auctions – (727) 821-5400

– Organizing Life Services Estate Sale Company – (727) 542-6028

-Hillsborough County
-Tampa Estate Sales – (813) 416-1360
-ezDownsizing Tampa, LLC – (813) 459-8036

– Sarasota County
-Heirloom Liquidators – (941) 726-7829

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